Saturday, August 1, 2009

The London Police

So, I finish work, braved a monumental rainfall and went to meet my girlfriend Katie and her friends in a bar. After a bit of social time it came out that they had their own art gallery/space for exhibitions

Of course...

Anyway, it just so happened that they were in the process of setting it all up and were having previews of the artist showing at that time. I had no idea from the name who these artists were and so just took it as being able to go see some art and most likely get a beer out of it, if it follows the usual Amsterdam art show fashion. However, I had an idea of who it MIGHT be from an explanation from Jamie that went a little summet like

" really clean graphic, smiley face type characters. Its pretty hard to avoid them. They pop up all over the world"

Turns out I did know them, and they DO get everywhere even my dear Stoke-on-Trent. Anyway heres some pictures from my girlfriend Katie.

Most people will probably have seen these guys work scattered about, if they have been to stoke, I cant imagine there are many places that havent got their hands on. HOWEVER, you may not have seen their canvas pieces. They are SO MUCH COOLER. The London Police are comprised of two guys who have completely contrasting styles, one of which you generally dont get to see which I think is a great shame because the work is truly amazing.

Katie looking cuter than a bunny in shoes.

This was a wall of photographs taken every 15 minutes for a day, or something along those lines by each of the artists on Queens Day ( ill blog what that is another time). Pretty impressive.

As I was saying, the art you dont get to see if you catch their work on the street is the amazingly detailed and techical work of Bob. The depth of scale that he brings into the pieces in contrast to the strong character designs truly lets you get lost in the pieces. I was lucky enough to meet Bob and have a beer with him, and he was genuinely a nice guy who had all the time in the world to let me ask all about his work and get a photo.

Its amazing how much respect you have for an artist after you meet them. Im sure whenever I see their work again I will reel off this exact blog post and bum them and myself.