Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 3.2

Did some more work for this week, not sure if its better or worse than my previous designs......I seem to find that as soon as I start a new piece of work I no longer like the old pieces, well not dislike, just kinda lose interest in them. That normal? I dunno.

I find my self doing certain things over and over when working and these things are:

1. Using the same safe fonts over and over
2. Using Live Trace quite alot
3. Scanning through the layer effects
4. Duplicating shit if I get stuck
5. Using the same texture...
6. using long, thin canvas's

I dont know whether this is just the culmination of all the skills ive learnt coming together to showcase my vast knowledge of graphic design or just being lazy with things that I know will look cool and save me having to put in more that a couple of hours on a piece. This is something thats been bugging me quite alot recently....

Anyway, heres the work ive done which will probably take up most of my blog because they are so long. Oh yeah, I exhausted all my ideas for 'new stock on the block', so ive got some new ones in there.

Not too bad actually.

Night night.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 3 at Uni

The title for this weeks brief is completely in our hands but has to communicate something in the area of 'New Line' or ' Just in' etc. After, asking my genius girlfriend (she really is), what she thought would be a good tagline for this project she replied.


After pissing myself for a second I realised this is a perfect tagline for the target audience of Urban Outfitters, something funny coupled with cool imagery = Urban Outfitters consumer eye catcher. I started work straight away on a few sketchy ideas before we got a crit from our lecturer.

I liked the sketchy look from the felt tips and the colours worked well, so as the quick fixes worked out quite well last week I thought i'd try it again and scanned it in. I played around with the cubes and put them into patterns and brushes etc and it had a really cool effects. I have a couple here :

I really want to use the brush I used more effectively, but at the moment all I have is poor attempts at drawing octupuses. I guess ill put something up if I make something pretty, failing that i'll put the octopus up for comic relief. ANYWAY, check out these two beautys that i've been working on today!

This robot here was made from those shitty cubes I drew on the first image.....I think it worked out rather well.

My work was mentioned as one of the pieces that stood out to the Urban Outfitters member of staff last week, which is awesome! However, I do know rob (the guy who set the brief) fairly well so this could have had something to do with it..... didnt stop me from feeling dead smug though.

Hope you like the work thats pouring out of me recently, maybe ill try and get some comment thing working to get some feedbk......

Friday, October 16, 2009

Work has begun in my final year of study. Since being away, the course has changed around alot with lecturers shifting places and a new regime implemented having an awesome effect. The lecturers are excited to bring in new,fresh and inspirational briefs and have kicked it off nicely with a brief from a former student of my course at Huddersfield, who now works for URBAN OUTFITTERS EUROPE.

We have been set 1 week briefs to complete imagery for all the people on their mailing list to alert them of the offers......on offer. The first week was for 'FREE SHIPPING', but I had flu that week and am embarrassed by the it is anyway I guess

The second of which I am at the 'work inprogress' stage is '20% OFF', and its going considerabley better....I think.

This shouldnt be this colour..... I dont know why this happened.(above)

So this is the fruits of my labour up to this point and they have all been "quick fixes" really. I hope to put so hard work into one piece over the weekend to soothe my conscience.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flyer done at short notice for the bar I now work at 'VERVE', check out the offers then come get a delicious mojito served by yours truly