Friday, October 16, 2009

Work has begun in my final year of study. Since being away, the course has changed around alot with lecturers shifting places and a new regime implemented having an awesome effect. The lecturers are excited to bring in new,fresh and inspirational briefs and have kicked it off nicely with a brief from a former student of my course at Huddersfield, who now works for URBAN OUTFITTERS EUROPE.

We have been set 1 week briefs to complete imagery for all the people on their mailing list to alert them of the offers......on offer. The first week was for 'FREE SHIPPING', but I had flu that week and am embarrassed by the it is anyway I guess

The second of which I am at the 'work inprogress' stage is '20% OFF', and its going considerabley better....I think.

This shouldnt be this colour..... I dont know why this happened.(above)

So this is the fruits of my labour up to this point and they have all been "quick fixes" really. I hope to put so hard work into one piece over the weekend to soothe my conscience.

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