Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 3.2

Did some more work for this week, not sure if its better or worse than my previous designs......I seem to find that as soon as I start a new piece of work I no longer like the old pieces, well not dislike, just kinda lose interest in them. That normal? I dunno.

I find my self doing certain things over and over when working and these things are:

1. Using the same safe fonts over and over
2. Using Live Trace quite alot
3. Scanning through the layer effects
4. Duplicating shit if I get stuck
5. Using the same texture...
6. using long, thin canvas's

I dont know whether this is just the culmination of all the skills ive learnt coming together to showcase my vast knowledge of graphic design or just being lazy with things that I know will look cool and save me having to put in more that a couple of hours on a piece. This is something thats been bugging me quite alot recently....

Anyway, heres the work ive done which will probably take up most of my blog because they are so long. Oh yeah, I exhausted all my ideas for 'new stock on the block', so ive got some new ones in there.

Not too bad actually.

Night night.



Kyle said...

Hey man, loving the blog :) Live tracing alot are we ;) Suprised that it's worked quite well with the style as it always seems to mess up with me :(. Keep up the good work and the blog.

Katie said...

where are the ones that I liked? You know all being a graphic designer is is live tracing and layering things anyway and using 'helvetica' get over it or learn to pattern cut!

Maria Scaife said...

well done sean, you are good, these are nice. to clarify you and your work are nice and good.