Tuesday, November 3, 2009


For the final 2 weeks of this 5 week project we have been set a task to design a webspage for one of Urban Outfitter's side projects.

The side project is called LSTN and showcases the latest in cool music that you should be listening to.... kinda made me realise how uncool I am right now. Anyway, check out what Rob Loeber has already come up with to see exactly what im talking about.


There were three factors which made this project harder than the rest:

1. We were given 2 weeks to produce the artwork, which for students means go to tvshack.net for 5 days straight before even thinking about ideas for work.

2. It was Halloween and I also has a visit from my brother, which meant two unavoidable nights out.....unavoidable.....you know what I mean.

3. There were 20 tracks on offer

The last on the list there, to me, meant thinking of an idea that would be able to stretch across 20 different artists. This made me hesitant to rush into an idea because I didnt want to spend loads of time on designing a concept and it ending up looking crappy, therefore putting me further behind. So, I made an effort to write down ideas and nail something before starting.

My initial idea was to use the jigsaw as inspiration for design for the following reasons:

1. from my research I found that the kind of people that like these bands like their design to be nostalgic and retro, cool and geeky.

2. I like how each piece is individual but comes together to make a whole

I wasnt really impressed with how the designs were coming out, and a lecturer of mine said that jigsaw pieces were a big no no in graphic design. So, I changed it up.

In short I thought about what I can get for free just like LSTN, and realised you dont get anything good for free. Which makes LSTN pretty good. So, to emphasise this point, I collected all the free stuff I could get, which ended up being all things from restaurants and cafes etc......pretty much condiments. But it really caught my imagination and each sachet or packet started to become it own individual piece.

Im really tired after today and need my sleep for 2moro. Heres the final outcome of the condiments...

Ill post the final later. Gotta sleep.

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