Friday, July 31, 2009

So, I guess its been a long time since I posted anything and I bet everyone is like 'I cant go on like this....... I NEED to know what Sean has been doing!', well fear no more I am back from my trip to Holland and have a Great British Bucket load of time to look back at the time I spent in the Nederlands and document that shit before I start University and literally forget about everything that happened.

Before I go on to post "that shit", I guess I should really reflect on the Placement year that this blog was pretty much started for....and maybe I should actually contact my lecturers about this so that the students can actually see it rather than just using it to show off to my nearest and dearest....

In short, I cannot recommend any of my work experience jobs enough. They have allowed me to both enter and win competitions against top design agencies in Holland, witness and help to build a Cardboard office/fortress, create a typeface 6 foot squared in size made out of clothing, experience professional photoshoots, pitch presentations to clients, learn from leading creatives, experience a creative working year, work along side coders, freelance for several months ,see Europe and help to build a decent and enjoyable working future for myself.

But most importantly meet some of the most awesome,kind,funny,wise and down right weird people in my lifetime. So, get off your ass and get a placement, do an alternative placement, go on a exchange year to Finland or Poland. Fuck it, go straight on to your 3rd year if your passionate and driven enough you probably wont need a placement. But all I can say is I had an awesome time and I hope this blog will reflect this and inspire people to do something exciting, the bragging rights alone make it worth it.

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