Monday, March 16, 2009

Why I wanted an internship and why I chose not to use the University’s help.

When I heard that Huddersfield offered the opportunity to do a sandwich year within the course I immediately knew that I was going to do it for the following reasons

- to extend my time as a student for as long as possible
- to find out what working in the creative industry is like so I can create a CV that potential employers will actually find interesting, not just

‘I worked at Sainsburys for 4 years and can pull a mean pint’.

That was it really.

I knew that I would be nowhere near prepared to go into the working world, creatively and portfolio wise, with only another year of study left.

So, I began trying to get my placement by going to one of the placement seminars that the university puts on, getting completely bored and leaving early. From what I gathered, I needed to send out a CV to some companies and sign up to whatever placement links the university already had.

Some might say that I was stupid to walk out on these seminars because of the great links to ‘companies’ just waiting for me, by going to these seminars. HOWEVER, I wasn’t convinced that the links were all they were hyped up to be……..The example of a placement that we were shown in my class, as a taster of what could await us by taking on a placement, was a guy who worked for a church doing graphic design for a year and produced a logo and a style guide for it.

What appeals to any designer about that sentence?

It would be wrong of me to say don’t go to these seminars, because im sure that the university has lots of churches for you to go to and will secure your sandwich degree.

Above is the CV I sent out to my potential bosses, I have no idea how this got me a job, I guess it looks alright aesthetically, but if you want to read the shit that’s on there, drop me a line and I will gladly share it with you.

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