Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cool shit no.2

There are a couple of things ive noticed about cool little art exhibitions in Amsterdam, one being they are generally free to enter and best of all there is always free beer all night! As an Englishman, of course I only go up a respectable number of times to coyishly ask:

‘en biertje alstublieft’, DANKEVEL’

with a smile on my face that says ‘you’re really ok with me having this?’. But manners don’t seem to apply to Australians ; ), so just get them to get the liquid drugs!

Anyway, I went to an exhibition with Dolly Rogers called BANG YOUR DEAD. Cool name, Cooler exhibition.

The exhibition looked at war and how it effects young children ( or something to that effect), which manifested itself into huge wooden knife/grenade toys, camouflage jigsaws and ninja star pillows made from ex army blankets. It was all right up my street, guns, pillows,knives, beer and a dj pumping out some near decent tunes. What more can a 22 year old boy ask for?

Heres some images for your eyes:

This was cool. It was a 3d dove made from strings with little ninja stars attached to them that hung from the ceiling. It was about the size of a horse if you can't gather what size it is from the images...

Wooden weapon toy block thing. You've all seen/had them...

The pillows made for great landing pads. Check the air on that shit! me and Rogers made sure it was safe for others.

And of course, you can't have all these pillows round, feed everyone alcohol and not expect a pillow fight.

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