Thursday, April 2, 2009

The idea of the working world is such a scary one when you're student. With all the abstract names, cool websites and the top work that’s displayed in Grafik and Creative Review etc, it is easy to forget that the people behind these big ideas and companies are just exactly that, people.

What scared me the most was the fact that I had it in my head that they would all be Uber design Warriors (which most of them are), stressing out about huge deadlines and scalding the intern with their coffee whilst pushing their face into a scanner for not cutting a mock up straight. I also thought, that working as an intern will be fiiiine, its not like ill be given any work that will actually mean anything to the company.

Well, I was wrong on both counts. Firstly, the people are lovely. Secondly, people employ interns to help them, they don’t do it out of the goodness of their hearts. They want someone who has the passion and drive to create work and learn from them at very little cost. If an intern is no actual use to the company as far as producing work then it would be a waste of their time and probably money.

I have had work that includes logo design, Photography (see previous post), Website design, magazine layouts, package design and presentation work. All of which I have learned a lot from by doing them with the support of colleagues who know all the shortcuts and can give critical advice that makes sense! I generally don’t learn when its my own work because I think I know what’s best for my work, but when its someone else’s work on the line, you listen and you learn because if you don’t its not just a couple of marks you’re missing out on, its letting down a whole company and probably people you have come to like a lot.

So, that’s why I say you learn way more, because your work actually matters now.

I can’t really remember what I set out to achieve with this post, but I’m sure what I’ve written isn’t the original idea….

I guess the moral of the story is get a fucking placement and prepare yourself for some hard work, a knowledge-fest and good times!

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Katie said...

your stuff looks good! I had no idea you did the stuff for ydu