Wednesday, April 1, 2009

PS : Nothing wins over top Amsterdam creative’s

After Nothing came out and grabbed a shit load of media coverage, the effect was immediately apparent because not long after the website went live, a call came through from Het Parool informing us that they are setting up a competition to design the front cover of the PS magazine as part of their 10th anniversary celebration,and we were invited to design. The companies involved included Kessels Kramer, They, 180 Amsterdam and many more.

Het Parool is a newspaper in Amsterdam, which, I suppose is similar to the Guardian as far as content is concerned, not aesthetically of course. But they do have all the supplements and what not, and one of the supplements is ‘PS’, which gives you all the best places to eat, drink, party and also the movie and music reviews etc etc etc.

To take all of the credit would be a complete lie, because I did very little apart from take the photograph, however, it was the photograph that beat the rest. The idea stems from thousands of bollards that protect pedestrians from cars (and destroy the wheels of cyclists), which are scattered all over Amsterdam and are instantly recognisable to all Dutch people. They carry the 3 Xs, which is taken from the Amsterdam coat of arms. Anyway, if I have to explain why we took this image then I guess its not a good idea after all…….just a prize winning one.

Thank you placement year

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Katie said...

It looks so amazing! I'm so proud of you!!!