Thursday, April 23, 2009

Made by typeface

Whilst at Wellcreative (the first company I interned at) I worked with a client called Made-by.

‘MADE-BY is an independent consumer label for fashion companies who continuously improve and are transparent about the social, economic and ecological conditions throughout the whole supply chain of their collections. The mission of MADE-BY is to make sustainable fashion common practice.’ “Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy your favourite brand made in a sustainable manner?”

There were various pieces that I was given to work on such as a logo design for their ‘Track and Trace’ system, which really tested me. I think I went through about 25-30 versions of the design before the choice was finally made. I almost became Track and Trace by the end of it. Unfortunately, when I left I’ve managed to lose all of my backed up files of my work there! So you will just have to take my word for it on this one…..but anyway, it was a really good logo work out and I learned a lot from it. A logo has to communicate feeling and function, not just a pretty vector image kids.

One of the more interesting bits of work was the promotional work for ‘de week duurzame mode’, which translates as ‘ the sustainable fashion week’. The designers decided to make an entire typeface using the clothes of Made-by as a kind of sustainable way of making imagery… then printed them all in newspapers and shop windows. Either way, it was really cool to work on.

I got to go to a photostudio, don a fetching white ‘Made-by’ jump suit and piece together A-Z, 1-10 etc in slow motion. It was in slow motion because the end result, as well as print, was to have a stop motion movie where the client could spell out whatever they wanted for online animations. The photographers were really cool and used cameras more expensive than top of the range cars. I stayed well clear.

Thats a fine looking top of a head on the dude on the right.

S is for Sean

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